Learn How to Deliver Awesome Presentations

Building confidence in you and showing you how to connect more with your audience

Training Lessons

  •  The Preparation Process (8:53 min)
  •  Your Presentations Structure (13:29 min)
  •  Using Visual Aids (11:59 min)
  •  Managing Stage Fright (6:19 min)
  •  Handling Questions & Answers (7:10)
  •  Charts, Graphs & Data (10:14 min)

Learning Objectives

  • How to create a business presentations
  • How to organize and structure your presentation
  • How to the brain processes stimulus
  • How to incorporate images
  • How to deliver your presentation with confidence
  • How to execute an attention-grabbing introduction
  • How to use rhetorical questions to stimulate the audience
  • How to use visual aids
  • How to address the 3 types of learners
  • Tips to prevent presentation failure
  • Preparing for questions and answers
  • How to handle difficult questions
  • How to overcome stage fright
  • How to close and request your call to action

Creating your Presentation Content

"Only the prepared speaker deserves to be confident." Dale Carnegie

Creating an awesome presentation to reach your target audience is a science. If you execute a series of planning steps and organize your content using a system and rehearse you will do great.

In this course we explain in detail how to prepare for your presentation, how to effectively deliver it, when and how to handle questions and answers, how to incorporate effective visual aids as well as charts and graphs. You will also learn how to eliminate stage fright and how to handle the questions with succinct and accurate answers. Our goal is that you will look forward to giving your presentation instead of looking forward to it being over.

Who is this for?
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Executives
  • Young Professionals
  • Middle Managers
What you'll learn:
  • How to Analyze the Demands of your Audience
  • The Proper Structure and Plan for Creating your Presentation
  • How to incorporate Visual Aids
  • Presenting Charts and Graphs Effectively
  • Handing Questions
  • Techniques to overcome Stage Fright