Corporate Presentations are your Chance to Shine

Learn the techniques to conduct different types of corporate meetings

Training Lessons

  •  Pre-Meeting Tasks
  •  Meeting Structures
  •  Potential Content and Speakers
  •  Human Resources
  •  Group Participation & Activities
  •  The Importance of Meeting Minutes

Corporate Strategy & Management Meetings

"Some people think that corporate meetings are a waste of time. Maybe they are but they don't have to be"
Every book talks about the importance of companies taking time each year to go off site, away from the day to day activities of the office and conducting off site planning and strategy meetings. These meetings typically generate great ideas and a number of action items, but most of them fail in the same manner.

In this course we identify the different types of corporate meetings, how to structure the meeting for success, how to incorporate outside speakers and visual aids and what content to include. We also address how to set up the room for optimum participation, interactive activities for team building and the importance of minutes and follow up. This is a must for anyone responsible for organizing any corporate meeting.

Who is this for?
  • Executive Assistants
  • Executives
  • Board Presenters
  • Entrepreneurs
What you'll learn:
  • Types of Meetings for Different Objectives
  • Different Room Layouts for Different Interaction
  • Structuring your Meetings
  • Group Participating & Interactive Activities