Searching for a Job is Highly Competitive
and you want to be the Top Candidate

Learn to Search the right places, Apply with the right resume
and apply the S.T.A.R. Model to ace the interview

Training Lessons

  •  Searching for an Preparing for a Job Interview (5:32 min)
  •  Using the S.T.A.R. Model for Interviewing (8:30 min)

Learning Objectives

  • Where to look for Jobs
  • How to search for and apply to Jobs on the Internet
  • How to Prepare for the Interview
  • How to handle the Recruiter Screening Call
  • How to Apply the S.T.A.R. Model when Interviewing
  • Appropriate Behavior During and Interview
  • The Keys to Maximizing your Effectiveness for Online Interviews
These additional resources from help you refine and adjust your resume and LinkedIn Profile

Job Hunting and Interviewing Skills

"One important key to success is self-confidence. An important key to self-confidence is preparation.." - Arthur Ashe

Many people are good or great at what they do and what they know, but unfortunately for most of us, that is not the same skill required when looking for a job and interviewing. Often, job hunting and interviewing requires completely different skills from the work done over a person's career. With a highly competitive market for high quality good paying jobs, standing out above the rest of the candidates is the key to successfully landing that next job.

In this course we show you where to look for and how to apply for jobs on line. What to include in your resume and how to structure your cover letter. Then as you land that interview you will learn how to apply the S.T.A.R. model during the interview process to impress the interviewer and get to that next step.

Who is this for?
  • Experienced workers
  • Middle Managers
  • Executives
What you'll learn:
  • How and where to look for Job Openings
  • How to Prepare for the Interview
  • What the S.T.A.R. Model is and how to use it to impress
  • How to Behave in the interview