Understanding How Your Audience Listens is Key

Customizing your presentation to match the needs of your audience is
essential to delivering an awesome presentation

Training Lessons

  •  Your Audience and their Demographics (14:22 min
  •  Why they showed up to hear you present (8:24 min)
  •  How People Listen (13:56 min)
  •  The three different types of learners (5:41 min)
  •  How to avoid alienating your Audience (8:38 min)
  •  Choosing the right room layout (6:43 min)

Learning Objectives

  • How to research your audiences background
  • The Importance of knowing demographic data in your audience
  • What information is relevant to your presentation
  • How to the audiences’ brains process your message
  • How to customize your presentation to the audience
  • Discover the 3 types of learners and how to reach each type
  • The importance of anticipating the audience’s expectations and perspective
  • How to find an emotional connection with your audience
  • How to address the physical needs of your audience

Audience Listening Program

"Designing a presentation without the audience in mind is like writing a love letter and addressing it: To Whom it May Concern." - Ken Haemer

You must understand you audience before your create your presentation. What are their backgrounds? What are their positions in relation to yours? Why are they listening to you? If you have not answered those questions before you start preparing, your message may not resonate with the audience.

In this course we go through a series of steps to teach you how to research your audience, understand the physiology of listening, how your audience is processing your visuals, and how you can maximize your effectiveness. This is a must for anyone making sales or business presentations, but this can apply to giving eulogies, announcements, awards and political speeches, too.

Who is this for?
  • Speakers/Presenters
  • Executives
  • Middle Managers
What you'll learn:
  • Learn the make up of your Audience
  • How your Audience's brains hear your message
  • How to Avoid Alienating your Audience
  • Learn how to Appeal the 3 types of learners
  • Choosing the Right Room Layout