Combined Curriculum

  •  Creating Your Sales Presentation (8:16 min)
  •  Delivering Your Sales Presentation (9:00 min)
  •  Handling Objections, Pushback & Negotiations (13:11 min)
  •  Closing the Sale (6:16 min)
  •  Effective Telemarketing Sales Tips (11:54 min)
  •  Networking Events (5:30 min)
  •  Overcoming Networking Obstacles (5:34 min)
  •  Developing Your Networking Plan (6:34 min)
  •  Your Networking Commercial (10:27 min)
  •  Networking Etiquette (2:56 min)
  •  Pros and Cons of Online Presentations (8:23 min)
  •  Preparing your Presentation (6:50 min)
  •  Tips for Presenting Online (8:31 min)

Comprehensive Sales Package

"The capacity to learn is a gift; the ability to learn is a skill; the willingness to learn is a choice." Brian Herbert

Get youself on the fast track to better sales presentations and better networking. Learn how to organize your content into compelling sales presentations. Become adept at reading your prospects body language and being able to address their objections and questions. Be confident in your ability to close the deal using one of the two key closing techniques. Included in this package (as shown at left) is the entire Sales course, the Effective Networking Skills course and the Delivering Presentations Online course.

In this collection of courses we go through the process of researching and creating your sales presentation, how to deliver your presentation, how to listen during your sales presentation, handling objections, push back and questions, knowing how and when to close and other keys to winning the sale. The Networking portion of this course outlines how to develop your networking plan and how to prepare for and execute your networking plan to optimize your time. Expand the items in the left column to see all the training modules included in this package.